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What people said about 24

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1 What people said about 24 on Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:55 pm


Vivienne Connolly: its a great show

Daniel Wymbs: excellent

Peter Miller: I saw a couple of episodes of 24 they were ok.

Sean Miller : I never watched 24:

ALvean Jones: I fond 24 boring and implausible

Dave Duffy: I'm a tv phhilistine i have never sennn it.

Stuart Dunne : they have all done great work from time to time

Tommy: they're all great

Dee: I haven't seen it

Ian Abrahams : Not sure I could add anything about these chaps i'm more your Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant kind of filmwatcher to be honest.

Xander Berekley on 24: The best thing about 24 was meeting my wife Sarah Clark on the pilot of 24

Kelly Gough: I wouldn't want to rate them as i respect them all.

Rachel Sarah Murphy : excellent

Michael Purcell: they're all actors who, in my opinion, tend to basically just play themselves over and over again in different roles and scenarios. They’re always them.

Joe Hanly: I don't comment publicy on other actors work.  We're all tryna make a buck, respect to anybody who pursues this crazy profession and they;ve all paid their dues.

Alvean Jones: all great actors

Gemma Doorly: i love them all

June Rogers I don't really know any of those guys


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