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Dennis Haysbert

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1 Dennis Haysbert on Fri Dec 26, 2014 8:41 pm

Dennis Haysbert

Omaha Street(in production)
Jackson Hall
2014Sin City: A Dame to Kill For(post-production)
2014Think Like a Man Too(post-production)
Uncle Eddie
2013Heartburn (short) (post-production)
Matthew Boa
2013Life of a King
2013Welcome to the Jungle
2013Battledogs (TV movie)
Lt. General Christopher Monning
2013Newsreaders (TV series)
Det. Fenster Landau
– CCSI: Boston(2013)… Det. Fenster Landau
2012Wreck-It Ralph
General Hologram(voice)
Mr. Fish
2011Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters (video short)
2011Field of Dreams 2: Lockout (short)
2011Kung Fu Panda 2
Master Storming Ox(voice)
2011The Details
2006-2009The Unit (TV series)
Jonas Blane
– Unknown Soldier(2009)… Jonas Blane
– Endgame(2009)… Jonas Blane
– Chaos Theory(2009)… Jonas Blane
– Whiplash(2009)… Jonas Blane
– Best Laid Plans(2009)… Jonas Blane
See all 69 episodes »
2009Cessation (short)
Dean Plesac
2007Goodbye Bafana
Nelson Mandela
2001-200724 (TV series)
President David Palmer / Senator David Palmer / David Palmer
– Day 6: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.(2007)… David Palmer(uncredited)
– Day 5: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.(2006)… David Palmer
– Day 5: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.(2006)… David Palmer(uncredited)
– Day 4: 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m.(2005)… David Palmer
– Day 4: 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.(2005)… David Palmer
See all 81 episodes »
200624: The Game (Video Game)
David Palmer(voice)
Major Lincoln
2005Stories of the Innocence Project (TV series)
– Confession of an Innocent Man(2005)… Narrator
2005Empire (TV mini-series)
2004Secrets of Pearl Harbor (TV movie)
2004Call of Duty: Finest Hour (Video Game)
Narrator (voice)
2004Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (Video Game)
Irving Lambert(voice)
2001-2003Justice League (TV series)
– Hearts and Minds(2003)… Kilowog(voice)
– Hearts and Minds: Part II(2003)… Kilowog(voice)
– In Blackest Night: Part II(2001)… Kilowog(voice)
2003Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
2001-2003Static Shock (TV series)
Chief Barnsdale / Police Chief Barnsdale
– The Parent Trap(2003)… Police Chief Barnsdale (voice)
– Pop's Girlfriend(2002)… Chief Barnsdale (voice)
– Brother-Sister Act(2002)… Chief Barnsdale (voice)
– Replay(2001)… Chief Barnsdale (voice)
2002Ticker (short)
FBI Agent (uncredited)
2002Far from Heaven
Raymond Deagan
2001The Outer Limits (TV series)
Joshua Finch
– Rule of Law(2001)… Joshua Finch
2001Soul Food (TV series)
Rick Grant
– Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose(2001)… Rick Grant
– Little Girl Blue(2001)… Rick Grant
1999-2000Now and Again (TV series)
Dr. Theodore Morris
– The Eggman Cometh(2000)… Dr. Theodore Morris
– The Bugmeister, Part Bee(2000)… Dr. Theodore Morris
– The Bugmeister(2000)… Dr. Theodore Morris
– There Are No Words(2000)… Dr. Theodore Morris
– Lizzard's Tale(2000)… Dr. Theodore Morris
See all 22 episodes »
2000Love & Basketball
Zeke McCall
2000What's Cooking?
Ronald Williams
1999Random Hearts
Detective George Beaufort
1998-1999Superman (TV series)
Agent #1 / Doctor #1
– Unity(1999)… Doctor #1 (voice)
– Where There's Smoke(1998)… Agent #1 (voice)
1999The Thirteenth Floor
Detective Larry McBain
1999Godzilla: The Series (TV series)
– Monster Wars: Part 1(1999)
1999The Minus Man
1998The New Batman Adventures (TV series)
Barkley James
– Mean Seasons(1998)… Barkley James (voice)
1998Major League: Back to the Minors
Pedro Cerrano
1998How to Make the Cruelest Month
Manhattan Parks
Ty 'Bama' Jones
1997Absolute Power
Tim Collin
Seven/Sir Jordan
1996The Writing on the Wall (TV movie)
1996Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man (TV series)
Cornfed's singing voice / Tribal leader
– Grandma-ma's Flatulent Adventure(1996)… Tribal leader / Cornfed's singing voice (voice)
1996Widow's Kiss (TV movie)
Eddie Costello
1995Waiting to Exhale
Kenneth Dawkins
Donald Breedan
1994Major League II
Pedro Cerrano
1993American Playhouse (TV series)
Rev. Oliver Crawford
– Hallelujah(1993)… Rev. Oliver Crawford
1993Return to Lonesome Dove (TV mini-series)
Jack Jackson
– The Passing(1993)… Jack Jackson
– The Forge(1993)… Jack Jackson
– The Vision(1993)… Jack Jackson
Clay Arlington
1993Queen (TV mini-series)
1992Love Field
Paul Cater
1992Mr. Baseball
Max 'Hammer' Dubois
1991K-9000 (TV movie)
Nick Sanrio
1990Navy Seals
1989The Robert Guillaume Show (TV series)
Mr. Peterson
– Guaranteed Not to Shrink(1989)… Mr. Peterson
1989Night Court (TV series)
James Morgan
– Pen Pal(1989)… James Morgan
1989Major League
Pedro Cerrano
1988-1989Just the Ten of Us (TV series)
Coach Duane Johnson
– Car in the Pool(1989)… Coach Duane Johnson
– Dream Girls(1989)… Coach Duane Johnson
– Song of Constance(1989)… Coach Duane Johnson
– Personal Best(1989)… Coach Duane Johnson
– A Christmas Story(1988)… Coach Duane Johnson
See all 9 episodes »
1988Wilder Westen, inclusive (TV mini-series)
– Teil 3(1988)… Thief
1988Crime Story (TV series)
Franklin Himes
– Seize the Time(1988)… Franklin Himes
– Moulin Rouge(1988)… Franklin Himes
1985-1988Growing Pains (TV series)
Frank / Officer Wright / Police Officer
– State of the Union(1988)… Frank
– Gone But Not Forgotten(1987)… Officer Wright
– Weekend Fantasy(1985)… Police Officer
1987The Facts of Life (TV series)
Sgt. Evans
– Before the Fall(1987)… Sgt. Evans
1987Our House (TV series)
– Sounds from a Silent Clock: Part 2(1987)
1987Valerie (TV series)
Dr. Ervin
– Oedipus Wrecks(1987)… Dr. Ervin
1987Easy Street (TV series)
– The Country Club(1987)… Chip
1987Knots Landing (TV series)
Police Officer
– The Unraveling(1987)… Police Officer
1986The Young and the Restless (TV series)
Ron Clark
– Episode #1.3497(1986)… Ron Clark
– Episode #1.3472(1986)… Ron Clark
– Episode #1.3470(1986)… Ron Clark
– Episode #1.3428(1986)… Ron Clark
– Episode #1.3412(1986)… Ron Clark
See all 8 episodes »
1986Scarecrow and Mrs. King (TV series)
– Billy's Lost Weekend(1986)… Kimambo
1986227 (TV series)
Sgt. Banks
– Redecorating Blues(1986)… Sgt. Banks
1986The Fall Guy (TV series)
Jeremy Wolf
– Trial by Fire(1986)… Jeremy Wolf
1986What's Happening Now! (TV series)
– I'll Be Homeless for Christmas(1986)… Policeman
1985Magnum, P.I. (TV series)
Lieutenant Jameson, USN
– Blood and Honor(1985)… Lieutenant Jameson, USN
1984-1985Off the Rack (TV series)
Cletus Maxwell
– Immigration Man(1985)… Cletus Maxwell
– The Letter(1985)… Cletus Maxwell
– Who Do You Trust?(1985)… Cletus Maxwell
– Here Comes the Bribe(1985)… Cletus Maxwell
– A Date with Kate(1985)… Cletus Maxwell
See all 7 episodes »
1985A Summer to Remember (TV movie)
Sheriff Pierce
1984Gimme a Break! (TV series)
Rev. Winfield
– Baby of the Family(1984)… Rev. Winfield
1984Riptide (TV series)
– Father's Day(1984)… Odell
1984Dallas (TV series)
Dr. Forbes
– Killer at Large(1984)… Dr. Forbes
1984The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV movie)
Dr. Beaumont
1983The A-Team (TV series)
Psych Ward Staff
– One More Time(1983)… Psych Ward Staff
1981-1982Code Red (TV series)
Stuff Wade
– Fire Below(1982)… Stuff Wade
– No Escape(1982)… Stuff Wade
– Riddle in the Flames(1982)… Stuff Wade
– Happy Birthday(1982)… Stuff Wade
– My Life Is Yours(1982)… Stuff Wade
See all 8 episodes »
1981Grambling's White Tiger (TV movie)
James 'Shack' Harris
1980-1981Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV series)
Communication-Probe Officer / Ensign / Guard / …
– The Dorian Secret(1981)… Ensign
– The Hand of the Goral(1981)… Lt. Parsons
– The Guardians(1981)… Helmsman
– Time of the Hawk(1981)… Communication-Probe Officer
– A Dream of Jennifer(1980)… Guard
1980-1981Quincy M.E. (TV series)
Driver / Fred - Lab Assistant
– Headhunter(1981)… Driver
– New Blood(1980)… Fred - Lab Assistant
1980Galactica 1980 (TV series)
Imperious Leader
– Space Croppers(1980)… Imperious Leader (voice)
1980The Incredible Hulk (TV series)
– Nine Hours(1980)… Guard
1979Laverne & Shirley (TV series)
Navy Shore Patrolman
– What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?(1979)… Navy Shore Patrolman
Lt. Harrigan
1979The White Shadow (TV series)
Basketball Player
– Wanna Bet?(1979)… Basketball Player
1978Lou Grant (TV series)
– Schools(1978)… Victor

Recommended viewing

Dean Plesac
2001-200724 (TV series)
President David Palmer / Senator David Palmer / David Palmer
– Day 6: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.(2007)… David Palmer(uncredited)
– Day 5: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.(2006)… David Palmer
– Day 5: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.(2006)… David Palmer(uncredited)
– Day 4: 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m.(2005)… David Palmer
– Day 4: 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.(2005)… David Palmer
1997Absolute Power
Tim Collin
Donald Breedan

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