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Erin Driscoll

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Erin Driscoll, played by Alberta Watson, is the new Director of CTU Los Angeles at the start of Day 4. She first appears in the Prequel to Season 4 when she takes over as CTU Director and fires Jack Bauer from his position as Director of Field Operations, due to his heroin addiction. She offers to help Jack find another job, but he turns her down. She reinstates Jack on a temporary basis during Day 4 after the new head of Field Ops is killed by a terrorist. She has a mentally ill daughter named Maya, who suffers from Schizophrenia. Driscoll brings Maya into the CTU clinic to be treated after an incident involving her neighbor. While Driscoll is managing the crisis of the nuclear reactors, Maya commits suicide by slitting her wrists. Following Maya's death, Driscoll tries to carry on working, but is distracted, nearly fainting at one point. Secretary Heller persuades her to go home and rest, which she does, after handing command of CTU over to Tony Almeida.

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